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How We Work

The Association has been formed as a support group to Adult Family Care Home providers, that promotes the Residential Care Home industry in the state of Florida. Florida's Adult Family Care Home Association is committed to represent the interests of Independent Adult Family Care Home providers and their residents. To achieve its goals the association is mandated to educate, market, promote and advocate on behalf of its member facilities.

The association is committed to act as a provider's voice by  continuously promoting and improving Adult Family Care Homes throughout the state of Florida. Using the strength given by the number of our members and their base of knowledge the association intends to significantly contribute to all aspects of opening, licensing and maintaining a facility.

The association also provides support to its members on an individual manner to help them solve situations they might encounter in their professional life, such as: prolonged vacancies, staffing, marketing, continuing education, creating and budgeting an online or in print presence ...

Direct membership in the Association is the best way to continue the good fight for better rates, fair government regulations and proper recognition for providers.

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